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How to be a Good Apologist: Know Your Worldview

I’m starting a new series called How to be a Good Apologist. I do not write this series because I am an expert at it. I write it because I’m on a journey to become that, and I want to … Continue reading

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The True Root of Injustice

As modern people we’re prone to separate worship, morality, and social justice into three unrelated spheres. Most of us can connect worship and morality (i.e. if we worship idols, we will live immoral lives). But try connecting worship with social … Continue reading

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Cooperating with God

Last year I took a class at Covenant Seminary called Apologetics and Outreach taught by Jerram Barrs (he has spoken at the last two Lux conferences).  The class is about how best to communicate the Gospel to unbelievers in a … Continue reading

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Feeling Lonely In The Age of Constant Connection.

Take 20 quick minutes and watch this insightful TED talk by Sherry Turkle: At one point Turkle says, “The feeling that ‘no one is listening to me’ make us want to spend time with machines that seem to care about … Continue reading

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Lies About God Destroy Lives

We live in a pluralistic society where relativism reigns supreme. What you believe about ultimate truth – who God is, who man is, what’s wrong with the world, what happens when we die – is a private, personal decision. The decisions we … Continue reading

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