While we like to blog about topics from many spheres of life, we spend a large portion of our time writing blogs that fall into a few categories. To help save you time, we tag most of our posts with one or more of the following topics, so if one interests you in particular check it out!

Apologetics & Outreach: Enter into conversations about how the gospel interacts with and responds to various worldviews, like materialism, naturalism, humanism, etc. God’s word challenges christians to engage these ideas with their friends intelligently and respectfully, so we hope to provide great resources as you defend your hope.

Art and Culture: God made men like himself, so we all create. That’s why we write interesting posts about all forms of art: photography, painting, writing, music, theater, and more. Think through developing a biblical framework for creating and enjoying artwork. 

Campus Mind: Most students spend a huge portion of their week in class and studying. Because Christ wants to be king of your whole life, think through how academics are involved. We discuss specific major areas and broader academic concerns.

College Lifestyle: The university is it’s own little microcosm, so it’s important to think through what it looks like to live like christ in the college culture. We discuss the myriad of challenges college students face in their day to day lives and spiritual development.

Global Mind: We hope to be people who engage our local community as well as the world community with a servant’s heart, as Christ did on Earth. Learn about exciting ideas and missions happening here and abroad, and participate in Christ’s great mission to the world.

Postmodernism: One of the most prevalent, and misunderstood worldviews amongst students and professors alike is postmodernism. Therefore, we hope to focus especially on the questions and issues central to postmodernism, such as cynicism, pluralism, and deconstructionism, and then look at how the word teaches us to respond.

Resources: Helpful audio and text resources, that will inspire you to grow and mature in your knowledge of Christ.

Reviews: Everything from movies, to books, to music. We believe God made men to be creators, and it’s part of our duty as Christians to engage that which man creates.

Theology & Spirituality: What we believe about God matters. It changes the way we love others, love God, work, play, and rest. Therefore it’s important to take time and grow in our knowledge of Christ, so that we can make every moment worshipful and meaningful.

Why I am a Christian: Maybe you aren’t sure about Christianity, or want to spend some time thinking through the basic parts of the gospel. Check out this topic to learn why we choose to worship Jesus in the whole of our lives.


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