From TGC: Create Culture Not Sub-Culture

Most of us love to enjoy and create culture. For those of us who create (no matter how small or amateur) here are some thoughts from a Gospel Coalition Blog by Mike Cosper:

The question itself is open to misinterpretation. Christians and non-Christians alike tend to hear “Christian worldview” and assume that this refers to Christian film as a subculture, a genre of its own, focusing on strongly redemptive and openly evangelistic or biblical storylines (for example, Fireproofand the Left Behind series). Continue reading

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The Art of Unbelief

“I believe; help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24)

We all know the verse, and perhaps the story. A desperate man whose child has been plagued by demonic forces since he was young, begs Jesus to cleanse his son as the disciples could not. This incident was a great teaching point for Jesus to the disciples and showed that even though they can cast out demons and heal people through the spirit, Jesus ultimately was in control. It’s a wonderful account and there are many lessons inside this one small verse we could talk about, as well as a laundry list of topics that could be brought up in this part of Mark nine. Continue reading

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Why Memorizing Scripture Matters

Last summer my family and I went on a family vacation to the Cayman Islands. I was super excited about the trip, but there was one problem – I’m afraid of flying. For those of you who’ve had the privilege to fly with me, you know just how afraid of it I am (though I will admit I have gotten a lot better!)

Anyways, I typically try to bring things that will keep me occupied on flights so that I can relax a little bit. Unfortunately, sleeping is out of the question, so I rely on other things such as reading, music or even coloring (yes, I mean coloring in coloring books). I have recently started bringing a ring of notecards I keep by my bed of different bible verses to flip through before take-off and if I get anxious during the flight. Before our first flight out of STL, my dad noticed me anxiously flipping through my collection of bible verses and asked to look at it. Of course, since we were minutes from take-off, I was reluctant to hand it over, but did anyways. A couple of minutes later he handed it back to me and said “Read this verse.” It was Isaiah 41:10. Continue reading

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The True Root of Injustice

As modern people we’re prone to separate worship, morality, and social justice into three unrelated spheres. Most of us can connect worship and morality (i.e. if we worship idols, we will live immoral lives). But try connecting worship with social justice or with morality with social justice. Our current political climate polarizes morality and social justice! One party emphasizes traditional moral lifestyles; the other part emphasizes social justice (and even populism). The Bible, however, holds a uniquely holistic view: worship, morality, and justice are inseparable.  Continue reading

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This Momentary Marriage: A True Story

I watched this video the day it was posted, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It received 100,000 views by the end of the day. Admittedly, I couldn’t make it through without weeping. But I realized, I wasn’t weeping for the sheer emotion of it – I was moved. I was compelled. It’s one of the most beautiful real-life stories of love and commitment to another person. It’s an example of the uttermost reliance on God’s grace and promises to carry this couple through. Before I continue, see for yourself:

Continue reading

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