It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved

It’s second semester. For some of you it’s your second semester of college; and for others, you’re celebrating that it’s your last. No matter which semester it is for you, it’s never too late to get involved! This is the perfect time to check out college ministry. Why? Here are a few reasons:

1. New Semester = New Things Starting up
This is the time when everything starts over. New events will kick off the semester, new small groups are starting up, and new people are coming to check things out. If you’ve never been to Veritas, or never really got plugged in, then you’re not alone. This is the time of year when people add things into their schedules and start new routines. We have plenty of open small groups and lots of events going on, so there’s no excuse not to check something out!

2. I’ve visited a couple of times, but I don’t feel connected.
It’s hard to come to a new group and figure out how to get involved. It takes time. Don’t be afraid to come to events: they’re not only for people who are already involved. Events are actually great ways to get to meet new people – they’re designed for people to meet others and hopefully get familiar with the group outside of the weekly meeting.

Sign up for a small group. If you’re not already in a small group, you’re going to have a hard time getting to know a smaller group of people. Small groups are designed as a time to study the Bible together with your peers, and to get to know one another personally and intimately, unlike any other part of Veritas.

3. Just because it’s your last semester of college, doesn’t mean you’ve already graduated.
I’ve seen too many people do it: they graduate, move away from college, get thrown into a full time job, and push off getting involved in a church. There are two camps that people will end up in: those who get connected to a church after graduation, and those who don’t. Do you know what the difference was for most people in each camp? People who immediately got plugged into a church after graduation were already involved in a church or college ministry beforehand. Get involved before you graduate.

4. These years in college are the years that will shape the rest of your life.
If you’re not reading your Bible now, if you’re not going to church, and if you’re not around people who encourage you spiritually now – that won’t change after college. I’ve seen too many people graduate from college without those disciplines deeply rooted in their lives who expect that to change upon graduation.  We don’t ‘grow up’ and learn how to do these things without instilling them now.

So whether it’s you’re first or second year of college, or your last few months, get involved in a college ministry now. There are plenty of ways to get involved at this point in the semester. Come check out Veritas Tuesday nights at 8pm in Engineering Building West. It will have major implications for the rest of your life!


About noellerichter

I came on staff with Veritas after graduating from Mizzou in 2007 with a degree in Communications. I love all things creative, photography, witty or off-beat television shows, reading, and anything outside. Some of my favorite authors are Tim Keller, John Piper, and John Steinbeck.
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