My Thoughts on “Quiet Times”

I don’t like the term quiet time. “Quiet time” has a very subdued connotation; its very unobtrusive in its definition. This isn’t the biblical model of what God wants from us during our times in the Word. I understand that the actual time itself is usually quiet, away from daily distractions and noise. However what I don’t understand is why the term ‘quiet time’ has carried over from the environment of our daily devotionals into the way we actually approach and participate in the Word.

The reason I can say that with such conviction and certainty is because this is the trap that I fall into. I often approach my time in the Bible as just another thing to do, a checklist sort of approach. I structure my time in the word, so that it’s quick and quiet, not full of God’s voice and truth.

Therefore, I know some of you, when you look at your time in the Word, are like me. Your Bible reading is not heart-felt, but quiet and quick, like a checkmark. I have to continually pray for God to move my heart towards a state where I come into His Word honestly and with a sense of genuine appreciation.

Our time in the Word is not meant to be ‘quiet’. In his second letter to Timothy, Paul outlines scripture and some of its use:

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (3: 16 ESV).

Anything that is profitable for reproof and correction cannot be taken lightly. It’s never easy to be corrected of a way that we are living. No one likes to be rebuked either. My point is this; let us not bring the term quiet into our time in the word. We must dive into God’s word daily with a heart open to loud reproof and correction.

Our time in the Word must be a time where God is speaking to us loudly! I challenge you to approach your time in the Word not only daily, but with vigor. Remember that we are all broken sin buckets. God surely has some words for us, so let us listen well!

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