Modest is Hottest? (2)

(See post one of the ‘Modest is Hottest?’ series here.)

Anonymous guy #2:

Proverbs 31:28 “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  When women dress immodestly it does two things: First, it draws attention away from a woman’s character, which is lasting, to her appearance, which is fleeting. While a man is ultimately responsible for his wandering eyes, it certainly is not helpful to be surrounded by “scantily clad” women.

Secondly, while there is nothing wrong with beauty or being noticed, dressing to draw attention will often attract the wrong sort of guy. It is no secret that any given number of guys show up to church functions for the sole purpose of finding a girl to take advantage of. If a guy is following after the Lord then his primary interest will be your heart, and will probably be put off by immodesty.  The guys who are just looking for girlfriends will be interested in your appearance. Which kind of guy are you looking for? It’s like what Keith said at Veritas, “The only people you are fooling are the ones that don’t matter” – I know it sounds cliche, but if a guy is walking with the Lord he will be interested primarily in your inner beauty rather than your outer, and your modesty with the latter will bring the former to light.

Anonymous guy #3:

1. How girls dress affects guys (and their thoughts) more than girls will ever realize. If girls are revealing a large amount of their body, guys will notice even if they do not want to look. It is extremely tempting to guys who are sincerely trying to respect girls and attempting to have healthy relationships.

2. Yes, guys are attracted to girls that are dressing skimpier, but that does not attract the guys you want to be with, and other guys will honestly (judgmental or not) think less of the person.

3. I really believe that there is a movement in guys to want girls to dress more modestly.  I have heard multiple guys talk about how they determine if a girl is pretty: if they are attracted to her when she is in a hoodie and sweatpants. I know several guys that like it when girls wear leggings under their skirts rather than just having more of their legs exposed. I think guys want to think a girl is pretty, without feeling as if they are only attracted to the person because of the revealing clothing they wear. And guys are only given that opportunity when girls are dressed in a way that demonstrates their creativity, and leaves the focus on the girl’s personality.  In plainer words – it is easier for a guy to get to know a girl and make eye contact with her while speaking, if she is not emphasizing other parts of her body with what she is wearing.

4. As Christian girls, setting an example by dressing modestly will put less focus on the appearance and hopefully encourage other girls that really struggle with how they look.


About Colleen Kelly

I graduated from Mizzou in May '09 with an English degree and joined staff with Veritas soon after. I'm originally from St. Louis, but love living in Columbia. Things I love: reading (anything and everything), walking, being outside, coffee, conversation, theology, exploring, saturdays, and adventures.
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