Veritas Bloginar Preview

If you’re a Christian blogger at Mizzou or interested in starting, then we eagerly invite you on Sunday, September 26 from 5-7pm at The Crossing to join us for Veritas’ first Bloginar (blog seminar). We believe God calls us to glorify him in all we do, so we want to take a few hours to equip you with the skills you need to write excellently, effectively, and biblically.

We will use resources from Tim Keller, C.S Lewis, and Justin Taylor to first explore Christ-centered blogging. How can we avoid legalistic, “do this, but not this” blog posts? How do we celebrate Christ in theologically driven posts? How can we display Christ most gloriously in devotional posts? Also, we will discuss holistic blogging, an approach that forgoes lengthy, boring, blogging and frees you to write about those topics you most love.

In addition, we will work on the craft of writing to help you move from grammar to style and from style to voice. Blogging is like any medium; following certain rules and guidelines help you communicate more truth to more people in less words, so we plan to equip with the writing (and rewriting) skills you need to improve your blog.


About Patrick K. Miller

Currently I am living in Columbia serving at the University of Missouri with Veritas, The Crossing's campus ministry. In December 2010 I graduated from Mizzou with a degree in English Literature. My beautiful wife, Emily, works is an Interior Designer with a local firm. I like espresso, 30 Rock, and books. My favorite old dead guys are John Owen, Augustine and Francis Schaeffer. You should read something by them.
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