Comfort Kills Christ’s Mission for Mizzou

What do you do for Christ’s kingdom?

In the book of Isaiah, king Hezekiah sinfully showcases, as though it were his, God’s treasury to a group of Babylonian ambassadors. In judgement God promises to tear down Hezekiah’s kingdom, remove his riches, and immasculate his sons after he dies. Hezekiah, rather than repenting of his pride, says, ” ‘The word of the LORD that you have spoken is good.’ For he thought, ‘There will be peace and security in my days’ ” (Is. 39).

God called Hezekiah to be on mission for the kingdom, but Hezekiah worshipped his personal comfort instead, causing massive destruction to future generations.

At Mizzou we can turn on Christ’s mission by becoming comfortable in legalism or libertinism.

Legalists find comfort in strict conformity to rules. Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t have sex. Do your quiet times. Show up to meetings. They kill Christ’s mission by crushing non-Christians and Christians with their self-righteous desire for comfort in regulations.

Libertines find comfort in cheap grace. They minimize sin, counsel hurt people with unhelpful Oprahisms, challenge no one, and care more about pleasing people than God. They kill Christ’s mission by misleading others into the comfortable belief that God is a Carebear who just wants you to be happy.

Only gospel-centered believers join Christ in building his Kingdom. We must, unlike libertines, take seriously our sin. Jesus died because of it. We must also, unlike legalists, know that our justification comes from Jesus’ gracious love for us, not our own works.

When we live in this tension we will be on mission, both  graciously welcoming outsiders and gravely offering salvation. We joyfully offer Christ to all, because we love to be satisfied with God’s glory, and to glorify him.

End by asking yourself this: Am I on mission at Mizzou for the glory of God, or am I killing Mizzou for my comfort?


About Patrick K. Miller

Currently I am living in Columbia serving at the University of Missouri with Veritas, The Crossing's campus ministry. In December 2010 I graduated from Mizzou with a degree in English Literature. My beautiful wife, Emily, works is an Interior Designer with a local firm. I like espresso, 30 Rock, and books. My favorite old dead guys are John Owen, Augustine and Francis Schaeffer. You should read something by them.
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