Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad

If you haven’t heard about the debate yet, Tim Tebow has a Super Bowl ad that’s celebrating and encouraging the pro-life stance.  Sponsored by Focus on the Family, you can imagine that it has brought heaps of criticism from women’s advocacy groups and pro-choice agencies who want the ad pulled from the air.

And today, a pro-choice sports columnist in the Washington Post wrote an article in favor of more Tim Tebows.  I did say pro-choice.  This was a pleasantly surprising article because of its unexpected source.  C. J. Mahaney offers this as the reason:

Where did this come from? I can only imagine this is the fruit of the gospel displayed in the life of Tim Tebow. Tebow is humble. He is a model of self-sacrifice for the good of others. And he is committed to remain a virgin and to experience the gift of sex as God intends in the context of marriage. His testimony does not go unnoticed, even by a columnist who “couldn’t disagree with Tebow more” on abortion.

Read the Washington Post column here.


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I graduated from Mizzou in May '09 with an English degree and joined staff with Veritas soon after. I'm originally from St. Louis, but love living in Columbia. Things I love: reading (anything and everything), walking, being outside, coffee, conversation, theology, exploring, saturdays, and adventures.
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