Why read Counterfeit Gods?

keller-counterfeitgodsWith so many things to read and do over the next month, you may be wondering: why should I read Counterfeit Gods?  What makes this book so significant and worthwhile?  Here’s a short but compelling video of Dr. Tim Keller talking about why he wrote this book.  Please check it out.  Besides the facts that it’s short and you can read it easily over Thanksgiving break, here’s my top 5 reasons to read this book and join us for the book discussion on November 30 …

1.  No one has influenced me personally or Veritas, as a ministry, more than Tim Keller.  Some have called him the C.S. Lewis of our century.  He is incredibly insightful concerning how the gospel intersects our lives and culture.

2.  We have all begun to sense that money, sex, and power never deliver on the promises of long-term fulfillment that they make. Whether it’s the havoc these have wreaked on our lives personally or the devastation we see them causing in our families, culture, and the world at large, these counterfeit gods are letting us down.

3.  We are all far more driven and enslaved to these counterfeit gods than we even know or care to admit.  If you don’t think so, ask yourself this question: what did you daydream or worry about today?  Whatever you tend to daydream and worry about will point you toward your personal counterfeit god(s).  For me, I tend to daydream about work-related successes and worry about work-related failures.  Why?  Because success is my counterfeit god.  I bow down to it in my heart in many of my daydreams and worries.

4.  Like Tim Keller says in the video mentioned above, have you ever wondered: why don’t I ever seem to change?  Most of the time, its’ because we are trying to change our behavior (the fruit) but have never even considered our counterfeit gods (the root of idolatry).  We simply will not see long-term real change happen in our lives until the root is dug up, exposed, and pulled out.  Keller’s explanation of this biblical concept has truly been one of the most life-changing things I have ever come across.

5.  Read it not just for yourself but so that we as a community can “exhort one another every day … that none of [us] may be hardened by the deceitfulness [empty promises] of sin.”  (Hebrews 3:13)

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One Response to Why read Counterfeit Gods?

  1. While I wouldn’t call Tim Keller the C.S. Lewis of our century, I can definitely see why he’s a big influence. His wisdom and insight is not only piercing and powerful, but also easy to grasp. His books are relatively short and easy reads, but I feel like I learn a lot from them. He’s simple, yet profound. I’m almost halfway through this book and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Much of it is hitting home for me. I recommend it as well.

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