How do I get involved in Veritas?

You know, lots of us are new here.  Maybe you are wondering: how can I get more involved in Veritas? Is there a place for me here? We know that there are a lot of great things vying for your time, and we know that there are a lot of great campus ministries here at Mizzou.  We are just one of them. We wanted to stop now and just take a minute to let you know why we are here at Mizzou and what we feel called by God to be about… and especially how you could be involved in that.  This is a picture of what Veritas is all about.

Veritas Movement slide jpg.004

The first part of our mission is “as many as possible.” We believe that because the claims of Christ and the gospel are true that this means that we are called to get outside of ourselves and love others.  We are called to be an outward facing group that is welcoming, inclusive, and moving out to more and more students.  We want as many as possible to find the life and love and redemption that comes from understanding and embracing the gospel.  So we are not content just to be a community for ourselves, the gospel calls us to always be moving out to more and more students.

The second part of our mission is this: “as far as possible.” This means that we want to help students believe the gospel in greater and deeper ways.  We want the gospel to get as far down into our lives as possible because the gospel has huge implications for every area of our lives.  If we only get the gospel at a very shallow level, we miss so much of what God intends for us.  The right side of the picture shows what it looks like in Veritas to get involved and to let the gospel move deeper into your life.  It starts with large group on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm where you can meet other students and learn.  But we are convinced from the scriptures and life that the most important thing you can do to let the gospel sink-in is to be in a small group where you can explore the gospel for yourself in true community of friends.  That is the next step, the crucial step. We also think that worship is a big step.  That’s why we are a part of The Crossing (, a local church here in town, and why we have Veritas Worship (every other Sunday night, 9:00pm in Memorial South 304) – to really help us to experience and be gripped by the gospel.  Lastly, we think it is critical for every student to be involved in service, to begin to see themselves as a minister.  This is why we have opportunities at Veritas to serve by doing ministry to the inner city and homeless in Columbia, local orphanages, within the church in children’s ministry and student ministry, playing an instrument at Veritas Worship, and also to serve as small group leaders once you have been involved for a little while.  The important thing to us is not that you serve in Veritas, but that you are serving somewhere that you feel called and excited to serve.  For some of you, that will be Younglife or K-life or other ministries, and we want to be a place where you can be fed as you minister to others.  For some of you, Veritas will be the place where you serve.  Again, the important thing is that you are serving somewhere.

Again, for most of us, the next step is to consider joining a small group. Please check out our website’s small group link at the top of the home page ( to sign up.  Also, if there are other areas that you would be excited to serve, things that maybe I haven’t mentioned here, please let any of our staff know and we will do our best to help you get connected.

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