Christianity and the Creative Mind

Christianity and creativity have become almost antonyms in the last couple hundred years. But why is this? Why are Christians not involved in the arts and the discussion surrounding them? There may not be a definite answer to those questions but one thing is certain: God created us to be creative.

Art is one of my favorite things in the world. There’s something so simple yet complex about it. I really believe that art is vital to our humanity (try to find a culture that didn’t create some kind of art). It’s an expression of self and a commentary on the world we live in. It shows us beauty. It conveys emotions. It does all these things and so much more.

This summer I had an incredible opportunity to study art, culture and theology with a pastor from The Crossing. I gained a wealth of resources and grew in my understanding of God’s call for us to be involved in the creative process. Every other Wednesday I’ll be posting something concerning art or the culture we live in. My goal is to expand your thoughts on art, spark an interest and provide resources, local and otherwise, for you to engage with.

Since this is my first post I thought I would provide some resources to get the ball rolling.

Onexposure – my favorite photo website, user moderated

Columbia Art League – Columbia’s local art scene, gallery on 9th street

Nelson-Atkins Museum – Kansas City art museum, old and modern art

Ragtag Cinema – great local movie theater in Columbia, lots of small and indie films

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3 Responses to Christianity and the Creative Mind

  1. Jake Wandel says:

    Verry excite! I look forward to it, Jared.

  2. While I’m not artistic myself, I would love to see more Christian inspired art around the world. The Narnia and Lord of the Rings series by you-know-who are the most well known recent ones I can think of. Thanks for this blog series.

  3. Andy says:

    Keep the dream alive…

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