How to… Read the Veritas Blog for All It’s Worth

The blog is back.

It is no longer dormant (and we’re really going to try to keep it that way), but is now breathing steadily.

While we will be forever thankful to Andy Patton, our newly married, former blogmaster, for building a solid archival foundation here, we are excited to see the blog back, newly redesigned, and continuing to be a resource and a place where ideas are developed.  All of his past posts are still available and many can be found by heading over to the topics menu to your right.  He will be greatly missed!

First, our vision.  As part of the ministry of Veritas, we want to equip you to follow Christ.  That means in your relationships, in your work, in your study, in our culture.  If the gospel is really true, then it must be relevant to you and every single facet of your life.  We want to explore this and engage this world that we live in.  We were put here with a greater plan in mind, and we believe that there is an answer to the brokenness that we see all around us.  Christianity calls us to look at our world and participate with Christ in its redemption.  We’re called to engage with and know how to rightly communicate to the culture in which we live, while at the same time recognizing the Holy Spirit’s work in our own, personal lives.

Hopefully, this can be a place where you can find relevant resources that help you to do this.  Check out our resource page with links to sites that are doing great things.  Check out past and future posts that review movies, TV, music, and literature.  Let’s listen in on the whispers of our culture and respond to it.  And since the blog will be updated regularly, at least 3-4 times a week, we hope you’ll check back often.  I’m telling you, the lineup is stellar!

And we really believe that reading (even blog reading) is good for you.  You’re guaranteed to be introduced to something you may not have know before, or not have experienced before.  Reading makes you a learner, and even though you’re in college and learning about tons of things already, we want to help you be lifelong learners. Get in the habit of reading every day; make a part of your routine.  I promise you’ll be glad you did.  (As an English major and avid reader, this is prepping me for writing a whole post on reading…)

I also want to point out our topics page.  These are tags that we find particularly interesting, so most posts will be tagged with these topics.  If there is one in particular that interests you, you have no idea what the word ‘postmodernism’ even means, or you’re figuring out how to live with that person down the hall, then check them out.

And please help make this a place where conversations can happen.  We’d love for you to comment on our blog posts, respond to what we write, and ask questions.  Meet the other authors over on the Authors page and feel free to e-mail any of us.  We would love to hear from you.

We hope you will like what is to come!  Thanks for reading… check back Monday for thoughts from Patrick.


About Colleen Kelly

I graduated from Mizzou in May '09 with an English degree and joined staff with Veritas soon after. I'm originally from St. Louis, but love living in Columbia. Things I love: reading (anything and everything), walking, being outside, coffee, conversation, theology, exploring, saturdays, and adventures.
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One Response to How to… Read the Veritas Blog for All It’s Worth

  1. I thank you all for this great blog. I look forward to reading this Fall!

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