Art Every Wednesday (21)

Gardening is art.

Gardening is working with living things God made to grow and display beauty. As Tolkien said, we are “sub-creators.” That is the art. We can’t make the dirt or the seeds or the growth. Human art comes in arranging, ordering, sub-creating within the things God as made. In gardening humanity puts its hands on green, living things to collect the beauty God gave them in one place.

Here are some images of guerrilla gardening from, to cite some creative examples of gardening in urban areas.

Tree Sculptures. Look at these patient, wonderful works of art integrating what God made with what humanity re-organizes to multiply beauty in the world.

Look closely. This artist has taken the idea of garden-as-art one step further, attaching pens to the end of a the branches of a weeping willow, and letting the natural movements of the wind make the marks on the canvas.

And our beloved campus, which (trivia point for the day) is actually a botanical garden.

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