Art Every Wednesday (17)

The Lives of Others” (2006)

I heard about this excellent film through R. Greg Grooms review in Critique magazine (one of the best magazines I know of which discusses culture from a Christian worldview. If you do not receive Critique, follow this link and subscribe now. It’s absolutely free.) Check out the review, watch the movie with friends, then have a discussion about what it means to be human and what steps you can take together to become more human.

That is the key idea in the movie, without ruining anything for you, it is the story of a Stasi agent set to listen to the “lives of others” and the slow change he experiences as he peeks into the lives of two artists – it is the erosion of the hard surfaces of his heart to unearth the soft, living flesh beneath it.

I recommend this movie on its own merits and as a chance to practice discernment in art with friends. It is rife with themes worthy of discussion.

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