Theology Survey (8): What did Jesus think?

Question: What did Jesus think about theology?

#1: I don’t know what Jesus thinks about theology. Theology was termed by Plato somewhere around 400 years before Jesus was born. I don’t know if Jesus intentionally ever came across the term, but I know his purpose was to be the gatekeeper for God’s sheep (John 10: 7-18) and the vine for God’s branches (John 15: 1-8.) So, I suppose he knew a little about theology.

#2: Jesus speaks against teaching false things about God, so having correct knowledge of God/scripture is critical. Jesus also warned against thinking knowledge of scripture equaled salvation.

#3: “You diligently study the scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” Jn 5:39
Some times I wonder if Jesus get tired of our constant bickering over him. He continued to point to himself over and over. Jesus looked at how the Pharisees and the other religious leaders had interpreted scripture (theology) and rebuked them for lording it over the people. He for sure thought it was important though, earlier in the same passage Jesus says that the Pharisees have neglected important parts of the law.

#4: He thought theology was important, but He also thought it was too extensive. I always see Jesus explaining God and His attributes in simple ways that people can understand. Jesus was always telling people about God, and he was doing it in a manner that they could understand. Simple theology was important to Jesus.

#5: I don’t think it was necessary for Him to think about it personally because He had a full understanding of God. But He seemed to get pretty heated when the Jewish people (i.e. the Pharisees), who had studied the Scriptures all of their life, clearly “missed the boat”, specifically when it came to the Messiah.

#6: He thought that the study of God was only important so long as it resulted in a system of beliefs that result in action.

#7: I think one of his main purposes was to lead us to truth. So in that sense, I think Jesus was all about theology. I also see how he opposed those who made theology their God and not God their God.

#8: Jesus is the great Teacher. His instruction is what we base our doctrine on. He is who we study. Our relationship with our personal savior comes from studying his words and his actions. He came to reveal truth, to save sinners and to give us new life

#9: Jesus spoke of his nature, the nature of God, and the nature of the Holy Spirit frequently. He did so because He wanted people to understand the nature of God (being triune in nature with Christ and the Holy Spirit). So the study of God and His character is of utmost importance to Jesus. Jesus taught as one who had authority and He also amazed people at His understanding of the Character of God! He spent the majority of His time teaching and referring to the nature of God, so it is a logical deduction that He found it to be important!

#10: I think that He wants people to learn about theology so they can have a firm foundation of faith.

#11: Big fan. He would demonstrate the Father through the things He did….thus giving us a theology of the Father.

#12: I think that Jesus probably didn’t think about theology. I mean, if He was God, then He fully knew God, and He didn’t have to really think about what He thought about God. But I do think it was important for Jesus to make sure that others understood the true God.

#13: This is perhaps the best question in this survey and I have no idea how to answer it.

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