Feature: Covenant Worldwide

Covenant Seminary in St. Louis has put a wealth of resources from their classes online for the public to read/study/listen to. I want to point out two places on their website (CovenantSeminary.edu) where those resources can be found.

1. Resource Search page: You can search their immense database for everything from guest lecturers to come to the seminary to conferences to articles that have been published in their magazine. You can search by Topic, Scripture, or speaker, which makes finding exactly what you are looking for easy. Interested in Postmodernism? Talks on the book of Revelation? Sermons and lectures by Jerram Barrs?

2. Faculty Favorites page: Here they have given a list of the favorite articles and sermons of each Professor.

3. Covenant Worldwide: This is perhaps the most exciting feature of the website. The seminary has recorded entire classes and made them available to podcast. It is like you are sitting in the class listening to every word the professor said. They also make the notes available and the text of the lectures on pdf. Check out the list of classes. There is everything from Church History,

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