Feature: Ransom Fellowship

Dennis and Margie Haack have together created a ministry that is dedicated to encouraging those who want to know more about what it means to be a Christian in the everyday life of the 21st century that they call Ransom Fellowship. They have put a wealth of wonderful articles online all centering around questions about how to thoughtfully engage with the issues of our day from a Christian framework.

Here it is in their own words:
“Now we don’t kid ourselves. On our website, we’re not offering the whole meal deal. But we hope when you stop by, we can give you a little lunch, a bite to eat that encourages you on your way. We’re especially hoping that when it comes to thinking about what it means to live in these times, stumbling around in the culture of music, movies and real life, that we can be a source for helping people think about what’s going on out there. As people of faith ourselves, we’d like to challenge you to see broken bits of beauty showing up here and there on a dark road. Sometimes you have to be alert to see it, like one of Cormack MacCarthy’s distant campfires in the black night. Other times it just glares in your face like Over The Rhine’s Trumpet Child.”

Check out these articles as a place to get started:
1. Loving Believers Who Are Simply Wrong
2.Choosing Our Spirituality

If you like those email info@ransomfellowship.org and ask for a copy of Critique, their monthly magazine to be sent to your home and they will send it. Free of charge.

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