Blog Post #1: Introductions

Welcome to the first official blog posting on the first official Veritas blog…

I suppose a good place to start with this blog is with the vision of what we want this blog to be, so here it is: (in no particular order)

1. We want this blog to be an extension of the discussion of things we are talking about in Veritas (at the weekly meeting, in Bible studies, from books we are reading, etc.). A weblog gives everyone opportunities to speak that aren’t always possible sitting in an auditorium. We can all go home and digest the things we will be talking about and then have the time to sit down and articulate questions we still have and then use the blog to continue the conversation. And so everyone profits from things that people in the community are learning.

2. The Veritas staff and others will be posting things that we are learning or thinking about every now and then whether they have to do with things that we are talking about at the Veritas meetings or not. Anything is fair game in these posts: book/movie reviews and discussions, posts about things happening in culture, things God has been doing in the community or teaching us in our lives, etc.

3. The rest of this list is up to you, I suppose. We are excited about the potential of this site and where it will go in the future. We hope God uses the conversations on it to help people to understand and embrace the gospel more and more as we seek God’s truth for all of life.

More is coming… looking forward to much conversation.

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